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CDR List
Okay, I think I'm pretty good at rating sound quality.  I'm not at all anal about time listings - although I try to get fairly close!  I prefer CDR trades (as opposed to cassettes, minidisc, DAT, reel-to-reel...but I can trade in any of those formats if you have something I truly desire) and I prefer name brand discs.  

I made up a few abbreviations for my list, so let me give a brief rundown of what they mean:
CDM:  This is just a standard, mass-produced CD that I own (hence CDMaster)
VM: A vinyl LP that I own...transferred to a CDR.  I am slowly transferring my fave boots to CDR - following my CDRs, I have listed the vinyl that I still have to transfer.  Please don't hesitate to request transfers of a
ny of these LPs (since I have to do it anyway!).
CDR: A CDR that I made from one of my tapes, or received in trade.

The List will go like this: Title/Sound/Source/Time/Comment. Here goes...

Lexicon of Love Live: 9.5/CDR/70m: Martin Fry and Co. dish up a slick-sounding show. Early 90's show

The Action
Brain  9/CDR/60m  Okay 60's is a complete album of unreleased monster tunes. Great band

The Beatles
Radio Caroline:10/CDR/60m: Incredible full hour of pirate radio broadcast from 1966. Includes a lengthy, rare          (and weird) interview with The Beatles.  
Stars of '63: 9/CDM/45m: One of the best live shows out there.
Arrive Without Aging: 7-9/CDM60m: Assorted rarities
Unsurpassed Masters 1: 9-10/CDM/70m: Bliss...
Original Decca Tapes: 9/CDM/65m:  Yellow Dog 011
Beatles At The Beeb Volumes 1,2,3,5,6,8,9: 7-9/CDM/60m per disc: Original pressings...
Backtrack Volumes 1,2,3: 7-10/CDM/73m per disc: First pressings of these classics
Turn Me On Dead Man: 10/CDR/120m: John Barrett tapes. Some pretty fantastic cuts on this two disc set
Complete Hollywood Bowl: 9/CDR120m: Really great two disc set. The sound can amaze you...
Ultimate Live Collection: 8-9/CDR/120m: Yellow Dog two-discer.
Shea Stadium/Candlestick Park: 8/CDR/70m: Two scream-a-thons on one disc!
Gone Tomorrow, Here Today: 9/CDR/70m: Great sounding set of White Album sessions
In Case You Don't Know: 7-9/CDR/70m: Various TV shows & Washington Coliseum show.
Studio 2 Sessions Volume 1,2,3: 10/CDR/210m: Three discs of early EMI outs on Yellow Dog label
Anthology Plus: 8-10/CDR/120m: Two discs of outtakes
NME Pollwinners: 8.5/CDR/120m: Really wonderful two disc document of 4/11/65 concert at Wembley
    Stadium. Features 17 top bands live (Them, Stones, etc). Beatles do 5 songs. Great!!!
Revolver Sessions: 8-10/CDR/110m: Two discs of outtakes, mono & stereo versions. Sea of Tunes!
Jammin' With Heather: 9.5/CDR/70m: Better than average LetItBe tapes
Challenger One: 8-10/CDR/210m: 3 disc set of studio & live goodies
Xmas: 9.5/CDR/60m: Yellow Dog release of the Xmas fan club singles. Mucho fun...
Indianapolis 9/3/64: 8.5/CDR/49m: Better-than-average live sound
Thirty Days  9.5/cdr/17HOURS!  Yup...intensive look at those Let It Be tapes.  Pretty grand stuff!

Beach Boys
Vigotone's Smile Sessions: 9/CDR/120m: Two discs of Brian Wilson's Folly...a real party for headphones!
Lei'd In Hawaii: 9/CDR/70m: Nice collection of demos, outs, live, and backstage rehearsals.
Pet Sounds Sessions: 9/CDR/280m: Four discs of Pet Sounds cool as you'd expect!

Devil's Tooth: 9/CDR/60m: Live in LA 8/7/97. I'm not sure if I like this guy...

Belle & Sebastian
The Black Session: 9/CDR/70m:
Paradiso & Munich 98: 9/CDR/70m:

Bettie Serveert
Venus in Furs: 9.5/CDR/70m: Interesting collection of Velvet Underground covers.

Big Star
Nobody Can Dance: 7-10/CDR/70m: Live and studio. The studio cuts are mind-blowing quality
Beale St. Green: 8-10/CDR/70m: Same as above

David Bowie
Bowie At The Beeb: Old but great collection of BBC performances.
His Master's Voice: 8.5/CDR/40m: Nice transfer from the original vinyl boot
Naked & Wired: 8-9/CDR/70m: Great collection of rarities
Absolutely Rare: 8-9/CDR/70m: More miscellaneous rare stuff. Nice.

Jackson Browne
Criterion Demos: 9/CDR/70m:
Stoneybrook 2/24/72: 9.5/CDR/70m: Great set of sensitive-songwriter stuff. Nico fans will love the strong
performance of "These Days."

Jimmy Buffett
The Exit Inn 1/74: 9/CDR/60m: Hey, this is one of the most interesting discs I have picked up in long while!
    This is a very cool show in the sensitive-singer-songwriter mode. No sun/fun songs here!

The Byrds
Stockholm 1967 9.5/CDM/40m:  Really wonderful FM broadcast. Music and interviews.

BBC: 8-9/CDR/70m: Very cool experimental craziness!

Captain Beefheart
Puller Man: 7-9/CDM/70m: Fairly awesome collection of live and studio goodies.
Don's Birthday Party: 8/VM/90m: 2LP live set from Seattle 1/15/81
Live at my Father's Place Vol. 1: 9/VM/40m: Euroboot. Was there a Volume 2?
Electric Poetry Volume 1 & 2: 8.5/VM/73m: Both LPs on one CD!
Easy Teeth: 8.5/VM/73m: 2LP set
Best Batch Yet: 8.5/VM/73m: 2LP set
An Evening With CB & FZ: 9/CDR/60m: Wonderful radio broadcast
If You Got Ears: 7-9/CDR/70m
Out Here Over There: 7-9/CDR/70m

Lenny Bruce
Live at the Golden Horn: 9/CDR/60m: Recorded around 1962, this is everything you could want in a Bruce     act. Lenny even gets arrested on-stage! Wonderful stuff...

John Cale
Boston October 19, 1982: 8.5/CDR/45m: Very nice audience recording of a laid-back Cale show. He even does a cool version of Streets of Laredo!
Cale Street: 9.5/CDR/70m: Great live show...sounds like 70's

Johnny Cash
Glastonbury: 9/CDR/60m: Nice sound & great show. The Brits seemed to love him!

Ry Cooder
Bottom Line '74: 9/CDR/70m: Wow, great recording by this legend.

Elvis Costello
Nashville and more: 9/CDR/70m: Almost Blue outtakes and various countrified stuff.
Crawling Through The USA: 9/CDR/70m: Sounds like two complete 1978 shows...Greenvale & Berkeley
This is Tomorrow: 9/CDR/120m: Two disc live set from 1986 tour. Fine sound!
Plugging the Gaps:9-10/CDR/70m: 21 great b-sides & stray tracks that you might have missed
Under the Influenza: 9/CDR/70m: Some sorta broadcast from the 1994 tour
Aging Gracefully 9.5/CDR/120m: Excellent audience (I think!) tape from Fillmore, May 15 1996
Costello & Nieve 5/15/96: 9.5/CDR/110m: Two discer of a super Fillmore show!
Philadelphia '76: 9/CDR/50m:
With Bill Frissel: 9/CDR/60m: Very peculiar & subdued show.

Marshall Crenshaw
Johnny D's, Cambridge, Ma 12/99: 9/CDR/70:

Crowed House
Fleadh 11/6/94: 9/CDR/70m
Newcastle Jam 5/20/84: 9/CDR/70m
Fourplay: 9.5/CDR/70m
State of Mind: 9/CDR/70m

Xavier Cugat
On The Radio: 9/CDR/70m: Don't laugh...these broadcasts are a blast!  Fantastic world music from the days when nobody knew what the term meant.  This disc is well received at our summer parties.

Dick Dale
Birchmere 4/17/2000: 9/CDR/110m: Very good audience tape (2 disc) of this surf monster

Tokyo '73 & Budokan 83: 9/CDR/110m: Two discs

Stockholm 9/20/68: 9/CDR/60m: Soundboard of the late show. Haven't made up my mind on this group!
Matrix Club 3/7/67: 8.5/CDR/60m: Peculiar-sounding stereo soundboard!  
Palace of Exile: 9/CDR/60m

Nick Drake
Tanworth in Arden:: 8/CDM/60m: Rare melancholy demos from this unique artist.  Great for a rainy day!
Nick Drake Tribute: 9/CDR/120m: Two disc set of  "famous" folkies trying to interpret the songs of Nick! This live radio show is a real strange set...fascinating, but the Drake tunes are too personal to fool around with.

Folk Rogue: 9-10/CDR/73m: Great sounding collection of live trax from 64 & 65
Western Electric: 9/CDR/73m:  Fairly famous & recent Hollywood Bowl concert from 65
Folksingers Choice: 10/CDM/60m:  Jeezus!  Where does this stuff come from?  One of the best early Dylan discs.  Includes lotsa cool interviews...
Royal Albert Hall: 8/CDM/60m:  This is the very outdated TMOQ version.  For completists, I suppose.
Guitars Kissing: 10/CDM/100m: Two disc monster! Check out the Robyn Hitchcock version listed below!
Satisfied Mind: 9.5/CDR/75m: Rolling Thunder fans will dig this one.  Nice sound and performance.
Blood on the Tapes: 10/CDR/60m: Studio outs. Wow, this is really a super listen.  Perfect for a rainy day.
Thin, Wild Mercury Music: 9-9.5/CDR/65m: Wonderful selection of outtakes. Recorded TAO.
Almost Went To See Elvis: 9.5/CDR/70m
Highway 61 Revisited: 9/CDR/70m
Acetates On The Tracks: 9/CDR/120m: Two disc set
Genuine Bootleg Series Take One: 7-10/CDR/180m: Three discs of mind-boggling goodies
Genuine Bootleg Series Take Two 7-10/CDR/180m: Three discs of the same great stuff
Genuine Bootleg Series Take Three: 7-10/CDR/180m: Three more magnificient discs
Paint the Daytime Black: 9.5/CDR/70m
Rock Solid: 10/CDR/70m
Genuine Basement Tapes: 9/CDR/300m: Five discs of legendary sessions.
All Hallows Eve & More: 9.5/CDR/120m: Killer two discs set of 10/31/64 set. With WBAI songs at end.
Sydney, Australia 4/13/66: 8.5-9/CDR/120m:
Genuine Live 1966: 9-10/CDR/720m: Yeah, this is really as good as you have heard! The last 2 discs are      basically the same as the Royal Albert Hall material. Feel free to trade as a 6 disc show & omit the     Albert Hall discs
Apollo Landing: 9/CDR/120m: Good show, but I don't think its as great as the critics say!
Broadside: 9/CDR/70m: Broadside cuts, and early WBAI-FM cuts. Essential...well. I like it!
Never Mind The Bullocks...Here's Bob Dylan: 9/CDR/70m
Hard Time in Marseille: 9/CDR/120m: Two discs
12/61: 8/CDR/60m: Not bad sound! What boot is this from?
5/61: 8/CDR/60m: Same deal as above. Who has info?

Alejandro Escovedo
Iron Horse 5/8/99: 9.5/CDR/70m: Great soundboard

Brian Eno
Glitterbug: 9.5/CDR/55m: Soundtrack for obscure Derek Jarman film. New age sounds
My Squelchy Life: 9.5/CDR/65m: Some cool stuff on this gem. Upbeat, even!
Headcandy: 9.5/CDR/55m: NOO AGE,  DOOD!
Music For Omniojy & Music For Films #2: 9.5/CDR/60m: New age insanity!

Alice Faye
Transcriptions: 7-9/CDR/60m: Early radio performances from the 30's.

John Fahey
Syracuse '72: 9/CDR/70m: Soundboard of this eclectic guy

Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Remixes: 9.5/CDR/60m: Awesome collection of extended dance tunes from these neglected boys!

Al Gore
The Best of Al Gore: 9/CDM/35m: Al Gore despisers (not me) as well as Gore lovers (not me) will have a ball     listening to these soundbytes of ol' Al making a fool of himself. This disc is a pretty lavish affair...I would     love to know where it originated!

Greatful Dead
I don't know too much about the Dead...but I like them, and even got to see them once in Washington DC. Anyway, here are some really fine soundboards. All these discs have something to offer.
7/16/66: 9/CDR/70m
5/24/69: 9/CDR/70m
4/29/71: 9.5/CDR/120m
9/26/72: 8.7/CDR/70m  Good sound but not recorded very loud!
6/22/73: 9.5/CDR/70m
2/24/74: 9.5/CDR/70m

George Harrison
Living In The Alternative World: 9/CDR/70m: Outtakes
Songs For Patti: 9.5/CDR/70m: Great sounding collection of acetates from All Things Must Pass

Jimi Hendrix
San Diego '69: 9.5/CDR/70m: Complete soundboard.
Sweden '69: 10/CDR/110m: Killer two disc set.  
Mixdown Masters: 9/CDR/200m: Mind-boggling 3CD set of astounding studio outs. SUPERB!

Robyn Hitchcock
Royal Albert Hall: 8-9/CDM/60m: Oh that Robyn! Here is the original radio promo (what station ever played it?)  of the re-creation of Dylan's infamous Royal Albert Hall show.  Its even an audience recording!
Athens 3/88: 9.5.CDR/70m: Nice soundboard!  What do the Greeks think about Robyn's lyrics?
Invisible History: 9/CDR/70m: Great comp of rare live tunes from different venues

Billie Holiday
Radio Broadcasts: 9/CDR/60m:  Live material from transcription discs.  I'm not too crazy about Ms. Holiday but lotsa folks swear by her!

Buddy Holly
What You've Been A'Missin'...Vigotone Box Set: 6-9/CDR/240m: Whoa, this is a strange set of 4 discs!      Very primitive collection of INCREDIBLE Holly related goodies.  If you are a fan of the Anthology of Folk     Music box, this is a must. Its hard to figure out Holly's involvement on some tracks, but who cares? A
    treasure chest...

Bert Jansch
Live 64: 8/CDR/50m: Don't know too much about this disc. Anyone?

Janis Joplin
Combination of Two: 8/CDR/60m

The Jam
Lyon, France 1982: 8/CDR/70: Listenable soundboard (or broadcast) of Trans-Global Express tour

Jethro Tull
Gold-Tipped Boots: 9/CDR/70m
Clasping Hands: 9/CDR/120m: Two discs
25 Light Years: 9/CDR/70m

Joy Division
Atmosphere: 9/VM/40m: Radio broadcasts
Warsaw: 9/VM/40m: Studio sessions. Wonderful stuff.
Black Souls: 8/VM/40m
Unknown Martyrs: 8/VM/40m
Last Order: 9.5/VM/40m: One of the best-sounding JD shows.
Amsterdam: 9/VM/40m: Same show as above but not quite as great sound. Has a few different songs I think.
Pearl Harbor: 8/VM/40m
A Retrospective of the Vinyl Pain and Pleasures of Joy Division: 8-9/VM/50m

Leo Kottke
Arcada California, 7/17/98: 9/CDR/110: Two disc soundboard.

Led Zeppelin
'69 In Flames: 8-9/CDM/200m: Very cool 3 CD set containing live shows from the US, UK, and Sweden.
Texas International Pop Festival: 9/CDR/50m: Justifiably famous soundboard.  Wow...what a rave-up.
Montreaux, Switzerland 3/7/70: 8.5/CDR/110m: Two discs, audience recording.
Hampton Beach, Virginia 9/9/71: 7.5/CDR/110m: Two discs, audience recording
Offenburg, Germany 3/24/73: 7.5/CDR/110m:  Two discs, audience recording
Los Angeles 5/31/73: 8/CDR/70m: Audience recording
Oxford '73: 8/CDR/110m: Two discer. Soundboard I think!
For Your Love: 8/CDR/110m. Two discs
Stroll On: 8.5/CDR/75m: Pretty good audience recording
Johnny Kid: 8.5/CDR/70m: Rehearsal sessions
London '71: 8.5/CDR/120m
6/22/77: 8.5-9/CDR/: Four discs worth!

Jackie Leven
If you know who this guy is...and you have goodies for trade...let me know.  Jackie remains so unknown that I'm
not even going to bother typing out this list! I really need copies of the Haunted Valley discs!

Little Feat
Teenage Nervous Breakdown: 9.5/CDR/70m:
Keep on Walking: 9/CDR/63m

The Last Wall of the Castle 9-10/CDR/74m  Pretty phenomenal set of studio outs from prime 60's era.

Man Or Astroman
Marburg, Germany 8/28/98: 8/CDR/70m:

Aimee Mann
Attack of the Killer B-sides: 9.5/CDR/70m: Awesome collection of live and studio cuts
Return of The Killer B-sides: 9.5/CDR/70m: More of the same
Hamburg 4/9/2000: 9/CDR/50m:
KFOG '96: 9/CDR/50m

Dean Martin
2/8/65: 9/CDR/60m: Nice live show...

Bob Marley
Dortmund '80: 9.5/CDM/70m:
Rotterdam 7/7/78: 9.5/CDR/70m
Record Plant 12/2/73: 10/CDR/70m: Whoa! Killer live-in-the-studio set.  

Paul McCartney
Rude Studio Demos: 9/CDR/70m: 1980-era demos
Celler Full of Noise: 9/CDR/70m: Infamous 1999 appearance at The Cavern, and various live cover versions

Steve Miller
Record Plant '73: 9/CDR/70m: Excellent live-in-the-studio performance

Joni Mitchell
Close Your Eyes: 10/CDR/70m: A real diamond in the unreleased concert world! This is the famous early
    70's show with James Taylor. A killer soundboard and perfect performances. Perfect for Sunday morn
WTRF Tour: 9/CDR/110m: Not real sure about the source of this one. Any ideas?

Van Morrison
It Ain't Why, It Just Is: 9.5/CDR/70m: Jazzy live show from LA's Troubador 1973.

En Concert En L'Enfer: 9/VM/40m: Certainly the most significant Nico boot.  A very interesting early show!

Roma: 9/CDR/70m: Trade item from desperate Sinead collector!  I just don't get the appeal of this group!

8/11/88: 9/CDR/120m: Pretty much what you would expect: ultra-tight rockin' from a veritable institution.

Phil Ochs
WBAI Radio Show: 8/CDR/60m: Very listenable broadcast with songs and comments. I love this guy!
The Staple 5/26/73: 8.5/CDR/70m
Montreal 10/22/66: 8.5/CDR/110m: Two discs
Home Demos: 8/CDR/60m: I really have to sit down and figure out what the heck these tracks are.
Carnegie Hall 3/27/70: 8/CDR/110m: 1st and 2nd show on two discs
Carnegie Hall 6/19/65 & Radio Show: 8/CDR/70m:
Live Collection: 8/CDR/70m: Live tracks from Fischer Hall '74, and Central Park '75
Rutgers '64 & Westbury 4/23/70: 7-8/CDR/70m
Quiet Knight Club 1974 & ?: 7/CDR/70m

Sinead O'Conner
Paradise, Boston 3/31/88: 9/CDR/60m: Sinead rocks out in Old New England!

Gram Parsons
Under Your Spell: 7-8/CDR/120m: Interesting collection of live and studio Parsons material. two discs
High Lonesome Sound of The Flying Burrito Bros: 8/CDR/60m: Live show. Anyone know where?

Pink Floyd
7/16/70: 9.5/CDR/70m: Pretty nice sound for this FM broadcast!
Saucerfull of Outtakes: 8/CDR/60m: Hissy, but very enjoyable
Interstellar Encore: 9.5/CDR/120m: Two discs of Floyd's good-time tunes...
A Tree Full of Secrets  7-10/cdr/20HOURS!  17 full discs of rare Floyd. Email for complete tracklist. INSANE

Iggy Pop
Suck On This: 10/CDM/60m: Various live performances from the 70's.

Summit House, Houston 3/20/82: 9.5/CDR/110m: I'm not a huge Police fan, but this is a pretty fine 2 disc     set. This is from the tour with a horn section.

Prefab Sprout
Cambridge 2000: 9/CDR/60m: Hey, these guys sound pretty good live! FM show

Elvis Presley
The Legend Begins: 8/CDR/70m: Louisiana Hayride broadcasts and the complete Little Rock show
American Crown Jewels: 10/CDR/70m: AWESOME outtakes from '69
Absent Without Leave: 9/CDR/110m: A bit of hiss on these '58 outtakes...but still fantastic!
24 Carat Gold: 9-10/CDR/110m: 1960-1963 Nashville sessions    
Opening Night 1969: 9/CDR/65m: Great Las Vegas soundboard from the pre-bloat years
Here I Go Again: 9/CDR/65m: Another nice '69 soundboard
There's Always Me Vol.1: 10/CDR/120m: All "There's Always Me" Volumes are 2 disc sets of outtakes
There's Always Me Vol.2            "   
There's Always Me Vol.3            "        
There's Always Me Vol.4            "

Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles '83: 9/CDR/70m: Sounds like a radio show
Mystery Achievments: 9.5/CDR/70m: Excellent collection of live and studio rarities

Glastonbury '97: 9.5/CDR/70m: Nope, I just don't get the Radiohead "sound"...they need a vacation!
Radio France '98: 9.5/CDR/70m
The Best Thing: 9.5/CDR/70m

Lou Reed
Ultra Sonic Studio '72: 9.5/CDR/65m: Famous FM broadcast from Reed's early solo career.
Live In The USA: 9/CDR/110m: Two disc set of 90's shows.
Dusseldorf  4/14/00 9/CDR/120m
World Music Theater 9/12/92  9/CDR/120m  : 'XRT FM broadcast. Starts with much booing!  
New York Stories '89 9.5/CDR/60m: The New York LP played live in Montreal. Quite nice...
Orpheum '96  9/CDR/120m   : Another booing audience?
Coffeebreak Concert 10/3/84  9/CDR/70m: A little hiss, but a very melodic show

BBC Radio: 9.5/CDR/70m: Broadcast from 10/23/98

Jonathan Richman and/or The Modern Lovers
Songs of Remembrance: 7-9/CDM/70m: Worthy collection of live & studio stuff!
Route 128 Revisited/Beantown Gems: 7-9/VM/70m: Hey, they both fit on one disc so how 'bout a two-fer?  These are two classics, and the CDR was mastered from mint discs.
Original Modern Lovers: 8.5/CDM/60m: Infamous Kim Fowley tapes.
BBC Radio Show: 10/VM/40m: This is an excellent transfer from my ungodly rare LP.  Basically this is a live show which was distributed to promote Jonathan Sings.  And its a great concert, too!
Savannah 1990: 9.5/CDR/70m:  Nice soundboard!
Caesar's 1992: 9.9/CDR/70m: Soundboard of an AWESOME show.  Wonderful!
NPR Interview: 10/CDR/25m: Great interview.
The Other End 3/21/82: 8.5/CDR/60m: Very nice audience tape of a relatively rare solo show from this year.
Amsterdam 5/12/96: 9/CDR/78m: Low-gen audience tape of the "full band" tour.  Good stuff.
McCabe's Guitar Shop 3/19/85:  8/CDR/70m: Incredible solo show with many unreleased Jojo originals.
Supper Club, New York City 10/24/95: 9/CDR/79m: low-gen audience tape.  
Middle East, Cambridge, Mass 7/26/98: 8.5/CDR/70m:
Max's 7/1/90: 9/CDR/90m: Truly fantastic solo show.  I was at that one!
WMNF Interview 2/2/91: 9.5/CDR/30m: Jonathan gets questioned by clueless teens!
Landsdowne St. Playhouse 4/6/95: 9/CDR/72m: Did you know Jonathan was the first performer at Aerosmith's fancy club in Boston?  This is it...nice audience recording!
Landsdowne St. Playhouse 4/4/95: 9/CDR/74m: Someone seems to have cut the last song! Great, tho'
Middle East, Cambridge 10/15/95: 8.5/CDR/70m: Great show!
Middle East, Cambridge 7/24/95: 8.5/CDR70m
McCabes's 9/2/85: 8/CDR/70m: Nice show...with Asa Brebner!
Left Banke '81 & Moles '84: 8/CDR/120m: Very mixed-up 2CD set, but these early 80's shows are not too common.  Good stuff!
The Backdoor 11/15/83: 8/CDR/60m:
Tonkraft Studios, Sweden 1978: 9.5/CDR/70m: Great middle period Modern Lovers...
Paris June 12, 1985: 8.5/CDR/70m: Nice audience recording of the 3 piece band.
For All The Modern Lovers: 7-9/CDR/45m: Probably the hardest vinyl boot to find. This is off a clean copy.
Fletcher's, Baltimore 2/22/2000: 7.5/CDR/74m: Listenable audience recording.
Paris, Rex Club 5/19/82: 8.5/CDR/70: Nice, warm audience recording with some unusual songs. Solo.
Radio Show, Paris 1982: 9/CDR/50m: Very cool broadcast!
Regression: 9/CDR/70m: Latest CDR boot, with Tonkraft Studio concert & various demos, b-sides.

Rolling Stones
Beat Beat Beat: 8-10/CDR/120m: Fantastic collection of BBC recordings from 1963-1965
Mad Shadows: 7-9/CDR/70m: Various studio acetates & demos
Bright Lights Big City: 9/CDR/70m: Infamous Chess Studio sessions. Swingin' Pig version

Talking Heads
CBGB's 1/15/77: 8/CDR/70m: Early Heads on home turf
Jabberwocky Club, Syracuse 1977: 8/CDR/70m
Boston 1979: 9/CDR/70m

Merle Travis
Radio Broadcasts: 9/CDR/60m: Cool collection of transcription recordings.

Sex Pistols
Trondheim: 8.5/CDR/60m:  Oh, those fun-lovin Pistols!  You just gotta love 'em!  DId any really good-sounding shows survive?

Simon & Garfunkel
Back to College: 9.5/CDR/70m: Pretty great Yellow Dog release recorded in Ohio, 1969. This was a concert    
        performed with a touring band (Hal Blaine, etc.).  
Voices of Intelligent Dissent: 9.5/CDR/70m: Hollywood Bowl, 1968.  Just the two of 'em here - performing      some astounding & intimate versions of truly fine material.  These guys were just amazing!
Best Live Collection: 8-9/CDR/70m: Various live jive 1966-1993.  
Paul Simon Songbook: 10/CDR/40m: Fascinating solo LP recorded in England before Paul re-teamed with          Art. Familiar S&G songs recorded without G! CD ends with about 9 various live/broadcasts of later stuff
Paul Simon '64: 8/CDR/50m: Very cool solo show from NYC.  
Shriver Auditorium '66: 9/CDR/60m:  Fine show with lots of commentary between songs.
Paris 1970: 9.5/CDR/70m: Great sound & a few odd songs.
Buffalo 1/2/67: 9/CDR/70m: A little hiss in the background, but essentially enjoyable as heck!
The Complete Tom & Jerry: 9-10/CDR/120m: All the singles Simon & Garfunkel recorded before fame!
Village Vanguard: 7-9/CDR/70m: Fairly amazing set of live and studio outtakes
Overs: 7-9/CDR/120m: Half of the cuts are found elsewhere, but the other half is unique studio outs. Super!

Frank Sinatra
Lite-Up Time: 9/CDR/60m: 1949 broadcasts. Crooning alert!
Avalon Ballroom:  9/CDR/50m:  If you love the Dorsey-Sinatra era, this is a MONSTER disc: One of the very
few complete concerts available.  Incredibly evocative of pop's bygone era...
On The Inside Volume 1 & 2: 10/CDR/60m per disc: Whoa!  Awesome studio outtakes.
From The Vaults Volume 1 & 2: 10/CDR/60m per disc: More studio outs.  Volume 2 includes live & TV stuff.
Master In His Workshop: 10/CDR/60m:  More studio outs.
Lost London Concert 11-16-70: 9/CDR/60m: Nice live show.
Sings Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne: 9/CDM/60m:  Radio shows of Cahn/Styne songs.
In The Blue of Evening: 9/CDM/60m: Various war and government transcriptions.
This One's For Tommy: 8-9/CDM/60m: Radio broadcasts which are all Dorsey-related.\
Seattle June 9, 1957: 10/CDM/60m: Original release on Jazz Hour label.  Possibly the best Capital-era live show ever released.  An absolute pleasure!
As Time Goes By: 9/CDM/60m: Rehearsals and broadcasts from the mid-40's.
There'll Be Some Changes Made: 9/CDM/60m: Radio broadcasts from late 40's and early 50's.
The House I Live In: 9/CDM/60m: Mid 40's radio broadcasts.
Christmas Songs: 9/CDM/60m: Live (TV & radio) versions of Xmas classics.
To Be Perfectly Frank: 9/CDM/60m:  Very nice collection of broadcasts from a mid 50's Sinatra radio     program.  Full of that Capital swagger!
London 6/1/62: 9/CDR/110m: Good show and nice warm sound on this two disc set.
Inside Tommy: 10/CDR/110m: Two discs. Fantastic studio outs from the I Remember Tommy sessions.
Inside Basie: 10/CDR70m: More magnificient outtakes from the Sinatra-Basie sessions.
Caesar's Palace 5/5/78: 8.5/CDR/70m: Not the best sound (but still very enjoyable), but Frank is "on."
Sinatra & Jobim: 10/CDR/73m: Yikes! Killer outs from one of Frank's best efforts.  Beautiful stuff!
Sinatra & Strings: 10/CDR/120m: Two disc collection of outtakes.
September of My Years: 10/CDR/120m: Two disc collection of outtakes.
Live In Sydney: 9/CDR/70m: 1974 concert.
Live at the White House: 9/CDR/70m:  1974. Very nice & intimate show.  Mastered a little slow, I think.
United Nations '63: 9/CDR/70m:  I have to listen to this one a bit more before I make any comment.
Harry James Broadcasts Vol 1: 9/CDM/60m: Collection of radio shows with some ultra-rare Sinatra vocals
Harry James Broadcasts Vol 2: 9/CDM/60m: More of the same & more scarce Frank.
Meadowbrook 1940: 9/CDM/60m: A complete concert...with a number of excellent Sinatra vocals. GREAT!
Indian Summer 9/6/63: 9/CDR/70m: Rat Pack Insanity! The whole clan is here...jokin' and croonin'
Sabre Room: 9/CDR/70m: Another Rat Pack free-for-all. Non PC fun!
Saloon Singer: 9/CDR/70m: Las Vegas-era comp of live material.
A Pocketful of Miracles  9/CDR/60M:  Collection of Frank's telethon  appearances. Groovy!
The Concert Collection '70-'86  9/CDR/60m  Later Frank...and he sounds gooooooooooooooood!
The Hungary Years - Westchester Theater 9.5/CDR/60m  Smooth recording, thats for sure
My Kind of Sinatra  8-9/cdr/60M :  Sounds like various TV & live shows
The 1975 Jerusalem Concert  9.5/CDR/60m  Pro-recording. Very nice
Inside Brass  9.5/CDR/60m  Yep, another ungodly awesome collection of outtakes.
Frank & Dean's Hollywood Party 1959  8.5/CDR/60m  These parties must have been a blast!!

The Smiths
Westwood One Concert: 9/CDR/60m: One of the better sounding Smiths shows

Keely Smith
Broadcasts: 9/CDM/60m: Wow, a great live show from 1956. Keely fronts the Count Basie Sextet.

Patti Smith
I Never Talked to Bob Dylan: 9/VM/45m: What a show! This is from my 1st pressing boot.  I think I bought     
    this in 1978 & was mightily impressed.  
Bottom Line '76: 9/CDR/60m:  Poems, songs, ranting, philosophy galore...

One and a Half Nelson: 9/VM/50m: Curious vinyl boot of live material.  Pretty entertaining!

Elliott Smith
Studion, Stockholm 6/2/98: 9.5/CDR/50m: Super quality broadcast by this cult figure who is slowly merging       into the mainstream.  
Bottom of the Hill 5/18/98: 10/CDR/70m: Acoustic workout from that sensitive guy...

Bruce Springsteen
Tom Joad Blues: 9.5/CDR/120m: Beautiful audience recording.
Lost Radio Show 3/9/74: 10/CDR/60m: Live in KLOL Studios, Houston.  Superb sound.
Lost Masters Volume 1,2,3,4,5: 9-10/CDR/350m: Astounding stuff!
Prodigal Son: 10/CDR/120m: Two discs of truly wonderful early outs. Heartfelt as hell!
The Main Point 2/5/75: 10/CDR/120m: Geez...another killer-sounding boot!  

London June 3, 1999: 9.5/CDR/60m: Great sound, great group...

Al Stewart
Club Maui 2/95: 8.5/CDR/90m: Two discer from this wondrous songwriter. Truly under-rated!
Chronicle: 8-9.5/CDR/200m: Yow! 3 disc history of Al Stewart...all live and unreleased from -1969 to1999. I     would love to get a setlist of this wonderful collection...Anyone?!

Stone Roses
The Complete Rarities: 8-9/CDM/60m:  Great group, but this disc is so-so at best!
Blackpool '89: 9.5/CDR/69m: Not bad...
Second Coming Rehearsals  10/CDR/70m  Whoa...perfect studio outs.  Many false starts and many great
            great tunes.  

Sun Ra
9/23/86: 9/CDR/120m: Yikes...two discs of pretty peculiar stuff. Sure to tickle all Beefheart fans!

Richard & Linda Thompson
Lonely Hearts: 9/CDR/120m: Two discs
New York '82: 9/CDR/70m

13th Floor Elevators
Dallas & San Francisco 1966: 8/CDR/60m: Concert material.

BBC Concert: 9/CDR/50m: Nice FM broadcast from this grrrreat band!

Various Artists
Big Backyard: 10/CDR/500m: Fans of contemporary/alternative Australian music will do backflips for this 7 CD collection of 1998-era tunes. This was a radio-only promo but I don't know how it was distributed. Also include a copy of the fact-filled booklet that came with it (a huge thanks to Melbourne Mark for getting the booklet for me.

The Who
Fillmore East '68: 9.5/CDR/60m: Wow, nice soundboard!
Monterey 1967, BBC, and Rarities: 7-9/CDR/70m: Vaguely interesting collection of the usual "rare" tunes.
Maximum BBC: 9/CDR/60m:
First Album/First Gen  10/CDR/74m  Supposed to be from the master tapes. I am not convinced.

Demos & Live:9.5/CDR/70m: Fantastic collection of unreleased demos, b-sides, and live stuff
Drunken Jam Session/Starpark: 8-9/CDR/70m: 7 songs from a jam during English Settlement sessions & 8     studio tracks from pre-XTC band Starpark.

Faron Young
Broadcasts: 9.5/CDR/60m: Radio shows from Faron's 60's period.  

Velvet Underground
Take A Trip: 9.5/CDM/110m:  Two disc set from the reunion shows.  Fine sound.
Live At Cole End: 9/CDM/110m: Basically indespensible live set.  This is the velvet-bagged original press!
Live 1968: 8.5/VM/40m:  Great transfer from this top-ten vinyl!
Orange Disaster: 7-8/VM/40m:
The Psychopath's Rolling Stones: 7-9/CDM/60m: Relatively interesting grab bag of VU rarities.
Everything You've Ever Heard About...: 7-9/VM/100m: Nice transfer of the original 3LP boot box set.
Praise Ye The Lord: 8/VM/40m:
Bataclan 1/29/72: 9.5/CDR/60m: Infamous unplugged show from Paris. Mellow!

Paul Weller
Broadcasts: 9/CDR/70m: Great collection of radio and studio goodies!
Summer: 9/CDR/70m
BBC: 9/CDR/70m
Live Wood: 9/CDR/70m
Made in Wales: 9/CDR/70m

Tex Williams
Transcription Discs: 9/CDR/69m: Fantastic set of live radio transcriptions from the 50's.

Frank Zappa
New York 12/22/76: 10/CDR/120m: Fantastic soundboard from the Palladium. Two discs
Unmitigated Audacity: 8.5/CDR/40m: Vinyl transfer