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Magnificient Obsessions:
Eventually I will list all the strange things that I collect...the things that get me to the flea market at 6:00 am...the things that I scan the yard sales for...the things I can't afford on Ebay!  Here are just a few examples:

Ukuleles:  Yeah, I play a little bit!  Mostly, though, I just love the darn things.  I also collect anything that has to do with these Hawaiin gems (sheet music, instruction books, etc).

16mm movies:  We have a couple old projectors hanging around, and we love to crank 'em up and play some movies.  I also collect cameras of any sort.

Anything related to Martin & Osa Johnson: The Johnsons were an early film-making duo who made all sorts of documentaries about Africa, Borneo, and elsewhere. They also wrote a ridiculous number of books about their travels.

Coffee stuff:  Antique grinders, strange imported java, mugs, percolaters, and anything else that pops up.  I guess I'm addicted!

Sarah Orne Jewett: She was a wonderful turn-o'-the-century authoress from New England.  She wrote many books and stories...all being hard to find!

Records: I used to be a hardcore vinyl hoarder, but now I'm just a enthusiastic listener.  I'll buy and listen to almost anything, but my real passion is for Edison cylinders, 78's on obscure labels, 16" transcription discs, and home-made discs (often called acetates).  You will be able to find out more when I get my Strange Audio section up and running.  As far as modern music goes, I only try to search out Jonathan Richman goodies, Captain Beefheart, Jackie Leven, and The Velvet Underground.  My CDR trades, however, are far more diversified.

Selectavision: This is the strangest of all video formats - a movie encoded onto a vinyl disc and read with a good old-fashioned stylus. The disc itself is housed in a 12" square plastic jacket. Totally unreliable in terms of what you see (jumpy visuals, color shift, peculiar sound effects, etc), but totally fascinating when everything works correctly. RCA introduced this monstrosity in the late 70's and then lost their shirts when the format fizzled 5 years later.