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I'm back & trading! Updated 5/23/02

Welcome to the Route 128 Revisited web site.  Its been quite a long time since I've been active in the trading circles, but things have been going so smoothly lately (knock on wood) that I thought it was time to get back in the game.  Also, I just bought a Philips "audio-only" CDR, a Sony Spressa CDR (which I can highly long as you are running Windows 98), a new computer, and Trellix software (which seems to be an excellent web-design program for beginners like myself).

Speaking of CDR...I prefer trading in this medium.  I love those ol' magnetic tapes, but they just seems so archaic now!  CDR seems to be an excellent choice for anyone interested in sound quality, archival considerations, and universal acceptance.  Even the blanks are cheap (the audio-only blanks that I use on my Philips deck are available at J & R Music World for $45 per 30 discs...the blanks used on computer-based CDRs are way cheaper).  Still, if you are desperate (or you have something I just gotta have) I can dust off the equipment and trade in reel-to-reel, SVHS, minidisc, DAT, or cassette.

This list will be growing steadily as I begin unpacking my collection (we recently bought a house).  At the moment I am transferring a number of vinyl boots to CDR...the crackles and pops on these discs bug the heck outta me, but some of the material on these LPs still hasn't made it to any digital medium.  If you are a vinyl hound and are salivating for any of these LPs, let me know - I have doubles of many of these discs.  I would be interested in CDR-for-vinyl trades.  Or if you happen to have a trade copy of "The Jonathan Richman Songbook"  then you'll have me salivating and eager to trade!

Otherwise, I have a pretty wide-ranging want list: not too crazy about rap, metal, techno, or new country (although older country is welcome...I think Bear Family is the greatest record label in the world...along with  Sundazed, Arf Arf, and Tenth Planet).  I especially desire rare stuff by Jonathan Richman and/or The Modern Lovers, Jackie Leven, Dylan, Beatles, Lenny Bruce, Sinatra, and Francois Hardy.  Of course, there are dozens of other artists I love, but I can't think of 'em now!!!

Anyway, just click on the happy couple (listening to Nick Drake, I suppose)  and send us a message.  This is my first website, so feel free to offer any helpful of constructive critique.